Vulcanized Butterfly Valves

We have created a wide array of industrial butterfly valves under the renowned Wouter Witzel brand for vulcanized butterfly valves. These butterfly valves are suitable for a variety of applications, such as shipbuilding, water treatment, oil & gas, desalination, building services, district cooling, and power stations.

The concept and sealing design of the vulcanized butterfly valve have significantly improved the operational performance. Our commitment is to develop a transparent offering that adds value to our customers. With our ongoing material research, long application experiences, and the development of cost-effective manufacturing technologies, we have successfully introduced an up-to-date line of unique products. 

Only actual "vulcanized to the body" butterfly valves will maintain the functional performance in throttling and vacuum applications. 

Our rubber lined butterfly valves with this “vulcanised to the body” rubber liners are suitable for high vacuum applications and 100% vacuum tight.

Our vulcanized butterfly valves are designed to meet environmental criteria while adhering to the most recent international standards. Our centric rubber-lined butterfly valves have replaced double eccentric valves and ball valves for many years.

Under the brand Wouter Witzel, we also have high performance butterfly valves, for processes with more extreme conditions. As well as check valves.

We categorize our high-performance butterfly valves into two:

  • Dynaxe 
  • Econaxe 

Dynaxe excels in any market where high pressure, harsh circumstances, or abrasive media are present. This high-performance valve is long-lasting, has minimal running expenses, and complies with the strictest international standards.

Econaxe is a new line of double-offset butterfly valves with various kinds and materials for use in a variety of industries. For high abrasive applications, Econaxe is the most cost-effective option.

The Eurocheck valve is a two-disc wafer type self-acting pivoting check valve that requires no maintenance. The Eurocheck is a reliable device with minimal operating costs because of its unique design elements and well-selected materials.

The valves in this class are primarily utilized in water applications. Their small size allows them to save space. Maintenance costs are minimal to non-existent, and pressure loss is kept to a bare minimum.