Stoplog is another product by Orbinox Group. The company has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, and marketing penstocks, dampers, knife gate valves, stoplogs, and valves for hydraulic work.

2 main models of Orbinox stoplogs are SL model and SA model.


The stoplog SL Model is designed for open channel installations in wastewater treatment facilities, irrigation, hydraulic works, and hydro-electric power plants. It has a three-sided sealing flush bottom multiple log stainless steel stop log penstock with no actuator.

The slide comprises of multiple logs stacked in the frame, one on top of the other. The SL model allows for cost-effective regulation of a channel's flow by adding or removing logs.

The sealing mechanism is integrated into both the laterals and the bottom section of each log. It results in a flawless seal that does not require wedges on the gate. The SL model has a distinctive "lip-type seal" design that ranges from 6"x 6" (150mm x 150mm) to 80"x 80" (2000mm x 2000mm).

The frame is usually concealed in concrete; it can also be face-mounted or wall-mounted in an existing channel.


A three-sided sealing flush bottom multiple log aluminum stop log penstock with no actuator is used for open channels.

The Orbinox model SA Aluminum Stop Log is designed for temporary isolation and flow control in open channels. Stop Logs are helpful for flood control and diversion, as well as maintenance and repair operations. The logs are constructed of extruded aluminum and are lightweight, making them very easy to handle.

In the frame guides, the logs are piled on top of each other. Adding or removing logs regulates the water level. The bidirectional sealing system (suited for flows in either direction) provides for meager leakage rates.

The frame can be built of aluminum or stainless steel and can be embedded in concrete, wall-mounted, or face placed in an existing channel.

ORBINOX offers a variety of lifting options to securely and effectively handle logs. A lifting pole can be used to raise a log weighing less than 25 kilograms. The lifting bar is directed by the frame guide to quickly hook the log. ORBINOX offers a lifting device for bigger logs or when access is problematic. The lifting device, coupled to a crane, fits into both lateral frame guides and hooks and remotely and semi-automatically releases the logs (through lifting pins).