Orbinox is a member of the AVK group and is renowned for providing the best valve solutions in over 70 countries. Penstock is one of its most incredible products, which is used for multiple applications, including irrigation systems, water treatment plans, flood control systems, desalination plants, and storm tanks.

The company has more than 50 years of experience in water treatment applications. Orbinox has two common types of penstocks – wall penstocks and channel penstocks – which come in sizes ranging from 150mmx150mm to 2000mmx2000mm. These penstocks come with rising/non-rising stems and diverse mounting configurations and material combinations. In addition, we offer different types of actuators and extensions to accentuate the penstocks. We have a wide range of penstocks, from stop logs to swing check penstocks and weir penstocks available.

Our bi-directional wall penstocks are available in sizes ranging from 1200mmx1200mm, and bi-directional and uni-directional are available in larger sizes. On the other hand, our channel penstocks are standard uni-directional with sizes ranging to 1000mmx1000mm and bi-directional in larger sizes. Moreover, we offer customized penstocks, so they can fit in perfectly according to the requirements.

Characteristics of the Product:

  • Lower leakage rate than maximum allowable in DIN 19569-4 (class 5): 1,20 L/minimum per seating meter.
  • Self-cleaning guides of UHMWPE reduce the friction during performance resulting in easy operation and extended seal durability.
  • Self-adjusting “lip-design” sealing with no need for on-site adjustments.
  • Wedge-less design results in low opening and closing torques.
  • Frame, slide, and stem in stainless steel as standard, optional in acid-resistant stainless steel.
  • A wide product range with possibility for customized solutions.

The High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) has self-cleaning guidelines to help decrease friction during the procedure, allowing easy operation and long-lasting seal durability.

There is no need to have wedges for the self-adjusting “lip design” sealing seals. It provides slight torques during starting and ending, allowing the use of a small size actuator than usually needed. It also doesn’t need any on-sire adjustments and reduces vibration during operation.