Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves have sharpened blades intended to operate in some of the most challenging conditions, and heavy liquids are cut using them.

These valves are especially useful in wastewater applications where corrosion is a significant concern. Out of consideration for slurry media, a knife constructed of acid-resistant stainless steel would also be helpful since it would be less prone to corrosion damage and requires less regular maintenance, if any.

For applications with requirements of a totally open or completely closed state, knife gate valves should only be used, and should not be used for flow regulation unless specifically designed of it. The vibration occurs whenever fluid is pushed against a partly closed gate. This vibration eventually erodes the disc and seat. The knife gate valves are also intended to slowly open and close, deterring water hammer.

AVK range of knife gate valves are full bore valves permitting easy passage of liquid of whatever viscosity and there are no body cavities below the gate where the medium can collect. For further protection of the packing gland, gate scrapers and deflector cones can be provided for particle or abrasive media. To allow an easy and quick seal change, a removable top packing gland is also available that doesn’t require disassembly of the valve. 

These knife gate valves are mainly designed for ease of maintenance and cost-effective installations. Our knife gate valve, with its basic design, provides exceptional performance and extended service life. Being bi-directional, these valves may be installed in either way without any restrictions. The knife gate valve is high-quality material with secure sealing to assure outstanding performance and long-term serviceability.

2 main brands of knife gate valves under AVK group are Orbinox & CYL.

AVK knife gate valve features 

  • ATEX approved (94/9/94EC)
  • Bi-directional
  • Full bore and plain bottom
  • U-shaped reinforced NBR sealing
  • Gate supports integrated in the body
  • Slim design and low weight
  • Scraper as optional extra
  • Encaged stem with yokes prepared for inductive censors and micro switches
  • Stem/gate connection with self-locking nuts
  • Replaceable top packing gland
  • Washers under the secondary bolts protect the coating