Diaphragm Operated Control Valve

Our diaphragm operated control valves can help you gain complete control over your water supply, helping you effectively manage the levels, pressure and flow of your water supply. Doing so, you will be able to control the risk of pipe bursts and water hammering leading to leakage.

How Can They Help?

Our diaphragm operated control valves can get you the following results:

  • Control over water hammering
  • Risk management for pipe bursts
  • Water loss prevention with less leakage risk
  • Efficient supply management and cost saving

AVK control valves are the safe choice offering accurate regulation, easy maintenance and long durability:

  • All non-coated metal parts of stainless steel AISI 316 as standard
  • Fusion bonded GSK approved epoxy coating (300 micron)
  • AVK's own drinking water approved rubber compounds
  • Modular pilot system enables easy fitting to other applications without replacing the valve
  • Independent adjustment of opening/closing speed for full control
  • Parabolic plug design provides precise regulation and stability at low flow
  • Large diaphragm secures fast reaction to minor changes in pressure
  • Lifted seat prevents damage inside the valve body due to cavitation
  • AVK design and manufacture with 100% pressure test and 10-year warranty

Types of control valve – reduce or sustain

Pressure reducing control valves

For maximum utility and better control, you can adjust the pilot of our pressure reducing control valves installed at the inlet end and restrict it to only allow a certain amount of pressure through it.

Once programmed, it will automatically adjust its position to only allow your desired pressure to pass out through the outlet, regardless of the supply flow you have. Moreover, it can also sustain your programming even if it experiences changes in the incoming pressure.

For example, if your main supply has to supply your fluid to two different destinations that require different amount of pressures, you can adjust the pressure of the main supply to cater to the destination with the higher demand.

For the destination with a lower demand, you can install our pressure reducing diaphragm operated control valve just where your supplies enter it, and it will only allow your desired pressure to pass in, without you having to install a separate supply line for the destination or to supply to different destinations at different times.

Pressure sustaining/relief control valve

This type of valve is designed to be used in the places where sustaining of pressure is required.

It acts with the help of a pilot, which is set to deliver a certain amount of pressure that you can set. When operational, a pressure sustain/relief control valve will allow the pressure you want but as soon as it exceeds your set limit, it will automatically open a relief valve, allowing the access pressure to relieve through it to your desired safe point.

For practical explanation, consider the example of a reservoir. As a reservoir reaches its maximum capacity, a pressure drop happens which lead to a cut of supply to the destination.

A pressure sustaining diaphragm operated control valve will regulate the pressure in this scenario and will keep the supply running with the optimum pressure.