Air valves

Liquid fluid can have 2% or more of gaseous fluids dissolved in it, creating air pockets and interrupting the regular flow of the fluid. For efficient operation of a water system, it is mandatory to manage the gas bubbles inside the system.

If left unattended, this problem can lead to water hammering in the pipelines, causing leakage or worst; pipe bursts. Air pockets are also capable of clogging the pipe and causing a complete breakdown of the system, resulting in cutting of fluid supply.

How Can We Help?

To help with this problem, we offer our air valve, which is a hydromechanical device, designed to relieve these air pockets from the pipes, formed during usual operation, filling or relieving of the pipelines.

Our air valve works as a passage for these trapped air packets, efficiently removing them from the pipelines, without allowing any liquid fluid to pass through them, resulting in no waste. The use of internal float mechanism to not only ensure that the pipes have a positive pressure, keeping the operation smooth and avoiding any hammering, but also effectively avoiding a negative air pressure, that could lead to a system collapse.

With correct use of air valves, you can avoid:

  • Over consumption of energy
  • Extra operational cost
  • Pressure loss
  • Water hammering

With correct use of air valves, you can get:

  • Efficient filling time for the pipelines
  • Accurate flow metering

Type of Air Valve

We offer the following 3 types of an air valve, designed to serve different purposes in the same category:

  • Automatic Air Valve
  • Vacuum Valves
  • Combination Air Valves

1. Automatic Air Valve:

Also known as pressure air valves or small orifice air valves. Automatic air valves when installed in a pipe, operate automatically to continuously remove small packets of air from the pipe whenever the pressure increases inside it.

2. Vacuum Valves:

Also commonly known as air relief valves, or large orifice air valves. These valves are designed to be used in an environment where pressure is always low inside the pipes but removal of large packets of air is still crucial.

This air valve work two ways removes air pockets but also allows them inside the pipelines when draining is required or if a sudden drop of pressure happens unexpectedly. In this way, it effectively controls air to keep it from disturbing the system and also to keep it running smoothly.

3. Combination Air Valve:

As the name suggests, this air valve is a combination of automatic and vacuum air valves. 

In this design, our air valves provide effective removal of air pockets for a smooth flow using the automatic air valve technology, whereas, the vacuum valve features allow it to facilitate filling and draining of pipes by removing or allowing large air packets of air respectively. These are also commonly known as double orifice air valves, double acting air valves and dual orifice air valves.