Saving water is in our hands every bit helps

Singapore can draw up to 250 million gallons of water a day from the Johor River (1962 Water Agreement), and Singapore is thus required to provide Johor with treated water (up to 2% of the imported water). The 1962 Water Agreement will also expire in 2061. Constructed by PUB supplementary to the 1962 Water Agreement, a 1990 agreement with Johor was written. The Linggiu Reservoir which is located upstream of the Johor River Waterworks, releases water into the Johor River to supplement its flow. This allows for efficient abstraction of raw water at the Johor River Waterworks, owned and operated by PUB for treatment.


In Singapore’s 50 years of independence, we have turned our water vulnerability into a strategic asset. We created the Four National Taps – water from local catchments, imported water from Malaysia, NEWater and desalinated water – to diversify and strengthen our water supply. Our technology investments gave us NEWater and desalinated water, two weather resilient sources that saw us through one of Singapore’s driest periods in early 2014. Still, challenges lie ahead. Our weather has become more erratic, with dry spells spanning weeks at a time in recent years. More intense storms at other times threatened to overwhelm our drainage systems. Dry weather in recent years led to record low water levels at the Linggiu Reservoir in Johor, which Singapore built and operates under the Water Agreement. This could reduce Singapore’s ability to draw and use water from the Johor River. As we produce more water from desalinated seawater and NEWater, our energy needs for these treatment processes are also expected to rise. These issues will become more pressing as our population and economy continue to grow. As we forge ahead in the next 50 years, our vision is to ensure that our water supply continues to be robust, sustainable and affordable. In this instance , upgrading of the Aged equipments like pump sets and valves etc at the plant is very crucial and having the right type of valve choices makes a great difference to the end user in terms of the overall cost saving that they will be enjoying.

Solution & Outcome

For a start, we had done the specification work together with the end user before the tender is due to call for at then. Through the detailed specification work done, the end user is totally convinced that the supplied Wouter Witzel Fixed Bonded Liner Butterfly Valves is definitely their ultimate choice to a high quality performance that they have been looking for all these while.

Project Description

  • Project Type: Waterworks
  • Project Name: Replacement of High Lift Pumps Sets and Auxiliary Systems at Johor Riverworks
  • Application: Treated Water/Clear Water/Pumpset/Service Water
  • Location: Johor Bahru
  • Owner: Public Utilities Board
  • Contractor: Ebara Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd


Wouter Witzel EVUS Series 

500mm/600mm/900mm/1000mm/1200mm/1600mm ( 31 Nos)

AVK Series 21/54 Gate Valve

100mm/150mm/250mm/500mm/700mm (15 Nos)

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