Playing our part in preserving the eco-system and enabling water quality in the reservoirs

Population and water consumption estimates are the basis for determining the flow demand of a water supply and distribution system especially in such a small country like Singapore. As demand for water continues to increase in tandem with population and economic growth, we will need to plan and implement water infrastructure well ahead to secure an adequate and affordable supply of water for the future generations.


We face challenges especially when InterApp was first proposed to the water supply network of Singapore where various brands like KSB / Sapag was widely used at other booster stations way before and we do not have any track records to relate to for the start.

Solution & Outcome

Through the specification work done with the consultant, Meinhardt together with the assistance from the awarded contractor Sanli M & E, we managed to get the final approval for the supply as both the end user & consultant believe in the high quality expectation for AVK valves which was designed to meet the most stringent requirement as always.

Project Description

  • Project Type: Booster Station
  • Project Name: Replacement of Pump Sets, Associated Auxiliary Equipment and Pipelines at Jalan Eunos Booster Station
  • Application: Discharge Pipeline
  • Location: Singapore
  • Owner: Public Utilities Board
  • Consultant: Meinhardt Singapore
  • Contractor: Sanli M & E Engineering Pte Ltd


InterApp Desponia

-800mm/900mm/1400mm/1600mm ( 22 Nos)